As with all our other projects, this completely custom kitchen was designed and built with two core principles in mind: an uncompromising attention to detail that captures the unique preferences of our clients, and an elegant harmony of form and function. Sydney marble countertops, an adventurous choice, complement the walnut cabinetry to achieve a balanced aesthetic. Highly functional “magic corner” cabinets make the most of the available space, while a moderately-sized wine fridge accommodates the needs of our refined clients. The inclusion of a wine fridge will no doubt make the kitchen a favourite mingling area for our clients and their guests! The centrepiece of this kitchen is what we call the “Black Jewel”—a tastefully ornate custom hood with angled corners that stands out without disturbing the room’s subtle visual details. We think this piece fits beautifully with the kitchen’s gold and black accents! Finally, the gorgeous Bennington Pendant from Hollis & Morris (designed by Mischa Couvrette) above the kitchen island was the finishing touch on what turned out to be one of our favourite projects yet.