In a home where the door is always open, and the kitchen is always serving espressos and Grappa, welcome to Via Nova – a haven for family and friends. The original kitchen in this house was no where equipped for this family’s needs. It was a small ‘U’ shaped space, cramped between a formal dining room and breakfast, barely looking over the exquisite backyard, and it deserved so much more. We came in and completely revamped the ground floor, taking the existing space and turning it upside down! Opening up the dining room walls, allowing us to create a much larger kitchen with island, and full dining area combo. The client’s also decided to create a large glass wall with sliders to look onto their backyard – a decision everyone thought was golden! And lets not forget to mention the fabulous butler’s pantry, with full size wine fridge, equipped with sink and custom panelled dishwasher, for perfect symmetry! Absolutely fell in love with this project and was heavily involved in the construction phase, giving us a great opportunity to take control of the lighting design, as well as the floor plan and furniture layout. Custom cabinetry seen here is our famous double step shaker door style, painted finish, with custom designed hood, mixed with polished chrome accents. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with the client in choosing all other finishes, including their quartz countertops, gorgeous polished porcelain tile flooring, paint colours and backsplash options. This project started with espressos, and ended with Grappas, a true success!