Welcome to our Petite kitchen project, with a Grand impact! This particular contract comes with a story: customer had already signed a deal, had decided on a design, and had already given a deposit to another kitchen supplier, when they had first walked into our showroom! You would think after taking those very important steps, they would have never wanted to look at another kitchen showroom ever again! Thank goodness they did. After spending some time with Edward, discussing with him their limitations, and challenging him to come up with a better design, he was more than confident he could do better. And he did. Edward completely changed the original kitchen supplier’s design. He reconsidered the sizes of the appliances and took it one step further by relocating them, giving our customer a more functional space, putting much consideration into the dimensions of the existing room and the number of openings that came with it. Luckily, the clients had a happy ending to the original story and were able to get their deposit back and sign with us. Photo Challenge: Can you find the dishwasher and small Sub Zero refrigerator? Good luck!